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See how PortalMX, our Retail Integration Platform could increase your business's operational efficiency and profits

The goal of the PortalMX ROI calculator is to determine if subscribing to the PortalMX platform is cost efficient for your company. In the next few pages we will give you the option to be as detailed as you want to define your specific environment driven parameters which have a direct impact on the cost of fulfilling your company eCom orders.

If you are only interested to get a quick idea about the potential savings that subscribing to PortalMX may generate, simply fill out the five info fields below and press the "Get Results" button.

If you are curious to know more about how we make our calculations/estimations and you are willing to provide the calculator more detailed information about your environment, click the "Show Me More Info" button after you had a chance to review the first results.

Number of paid vacation weeks per year
Number of working hours per working day
Number of working days per week
Fulfillment staff average hourly rate
Average number of eCom orders to fulfill per month
Average orders/day: 5
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