Retail Pro 9: A truly global POS solution.

With a strong international presence, the Retail Pro 9 Software is currently installed in 87 countries, representing 52,000 point of sale systems and translated into 18 languages.

Key Point of Sale Functions

Retail Operations

Orders, Inventory Management and Sales Reports are some of the key functionalities of Retail Pro.

Store back Office

Price and promotion management, stock transfers, orders, receiving, physical inventory, adjustments, reporting.

Network Integration

Consolidate your retail network across multiple subsidiaries, countries, etc.

Financial Management

Operate in a multi tax, mutlti- currency environment, adapting to your brand’s needs when managing taxes & mitigating fiscal challenges at a local level.

Key Features & Advantages

Due to its scalability, Retail Pro is perfectly suitable for all types of retail operations: Unique stores, outlets, retail chains and/or franchises. Retail Pro will grow alongside your retail operation and can interface with other systems as well such as ERP and accounting.

  • Embedded Oracle 11g database, included free of charge
  • Adjustable parameters for printouts and on screen viewing
  • Easily interfaces & connects with CRM, ERP and B.I.
  • Tablet and smartphone capable
  • Over 180+ reports available to users
Key Features & Advantages

Retail Pro Prism: A truly flexible, mobile, and user-friendly solution.

Retail Pro Prism is the next generation in the Retail Pro family of products.
Prism represents a major advancement in technology with improvements that enhance the user’s experience and the retailer’s bottom line.

Key Functions

Comprehensive Features

Point of Sale Module, Customer Orders, Customer Management, Inventory Lookup, Integrated EFT, Employee Security, Management and Productivity.

Database Choices

Retail Pro Prism harnesses the power of two leading industry database platforms – Oracle and MySQL, giving you the choice to select the database technology that best fits your environment and budget.

True International Solution

Retail Pro Prism is engineered to be used on a global scale, meeting a variety of international requirements:
  • All labels, descriptions and error messages can be fully translated into any language or modified to fit your specific needs
  • Supports multiple currencies, including denominations, exchange rates and other details for each currency
  • Flexible, region-specific tax structures
  • Region-specific customers


Retailers can display the Prism interface in the following translations:
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Chinese (simplified or traditional)
  • Japanese

Key Features & Advantages

  • Thin-client runs via web browser (Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and Firefox)
  • Modular platform (Server, hardware devices, client can be on different machines)
  • Streamlined transaction process
  • Thin-client architecture can run on iPad, Galaxy, Kindle, Android, iPhone or other mobile devices
  • Real-time data access
  • EFT support without customer data risk
  • Customize the look and feel of the interface using xml, .css files

PRISM Sample Screen: User friendly AND fully customizable

Retail Pro PRISM Screen

PRISM Home Screen

The home screen of the Prism Web Client provides an easy point of entry to key program areas (e.g. POS and Customer Management). Simply select a button for the desired module on the home screen. Buttons for the selected module’s sub areas are displayed, providing easy access to key tasks. The illustration below shows some of the buttons for the Point of Sale module.

Retail Pro PRISM Home Screen