Portal MX: Connecting The Dots

Developed at MX Data in 2006 successfully implemented with some of our high-profile clients, Portal MX allows full connectivity between your disparate systems such as: ERP, Warehousing, Accounting, Retail Management Systems (Retail Pro or any POS for that matter), etc.


Our team of in-house developers can connect your POS data to virtually any database system. Portal MX is a middleware between all your disparate systems, such as:

  • RMS, POS (i.e: Retail Pro)
  • Wholesale Mgmt Systems (i.e.: Retail Logistics)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer Systems (i.e.:Cyber Source)
  • Company Website
  • ERP Systems (i.e.: SAP)
  • Encourages real time transactions and data exchange
  • Robust, Stable and efficient, in use successfully with well-known luxury brands and MX Data's largest clients since 2006.
  • Portal MX encourages real-time transactions and data exchange

Portal MX: a robust, stable and efficient solution currently in use 365 days a year, 24/7 under demanding environments

To start linking all your retail systems immediately, please contact us:
info@mxdata.com or 212.725.1200.

Portal MX

Ship MX

Ship MX is MX Data's proprietary solution which streamlines all data integration related to shipping and ecommerce in real time. Ship MX has been a reliable and successful solution since 2006 with many of MX Data's major accounts. This robust solution allows orders to be rerouted to the appropriate shipping vendor (FedEx, UPS, etc.), reliably and safely from our clients e-commerce sites. Ship MX can also be integrated with other Systems currently used by your Retail Operation such as Warehousing and Accounting, to name a few.

Retail IT Consulting & Project Management

MX Data helps Luxury Retailers develop an end-to-end Retail Integration strategy, along with an implementation and delivery approach enabling them to transform their retail operations. MX Data's IT Consulting expertise revolves around the selection, full integration and assessment of all Retail IT Systems used within your Retail Operation.


MX Data offers a comprehensive range of strategic, functional and technical expertise focused exclusively on Retail Information Technologies. Our technology skills, retail knowledge, systems/applications expertise and collaborative approach help our clients manage growth and choose the most optimal IT solution. By applying industry best practices MX Data works with retailers to identify and analyze challenges, implement solutions and embrace change to address today’s business environment.

Experience Matters

MX Data has been implementing, managing, supporting and hosting Luxury Retail IT solutions since 1988. Our team of trusted consultants and solutions experts has served in many capacities in the luxury retail industry from technicians and Managers to senior level Consultants and CIO's/CTO's. Every professional at MX Data is highly qualified to help our clients face the unique challenges of the retail industry by applying practical business solutions that work. We know what you are looking for.

  • Dedicated experienced resources trained to work side-by-side with your in-house Retail IT staff
  • Committed to holding all resources to your budget, timeline and milestones
  • Experienced professionals with retail and software services expertise (most of our staff are fully certified Retail Pro Technicians and hold various other relevant IT certifications)
  • Valued third party perspective and expertise – we do not "sell" software, we provide value added services and IT consulting services for a wide range of IT solutions
  • Proven track record implementing leading IT solutions (MX Data is Retail Pro's partner who has won the most service/performance awards over the longest period of time)