Customer Loyalty

What Are Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty increases profits, improves sales success and allows for sustainable growth. A well-designed and well-executed loyalty programme can help you retain existing customers, attract new customers, reduce turnover and drive profits

Top 5 Reasons Customer Loyalty is Important for your Business!

Loyalty programmes build an emotional connection
Repeat customers have a high ROI
Loyalty helps you reach new customers
Loyalty programmes deliver customer insights
It’s never been easier to build a customer loyalty programme that works

App Card

The next generation of customer analytics has finally arrived. AppCard is more than just a loyalty program. It's a robust and easy-to-manage customer retention platform that delivers actionable marketing campaigns tailored to your company and customers. Built atop an advanced AI called "Pinky" that has been developed specifically for brick & mortar retailers and grocery stores, AppCard uses artificial intelligence to gain useful insights into your customers every time they shop. Smart data capture and machine learning empower you to deliver the right message to the right customer at the right time.


Think of Clutch’s Customer Data and Marketing Platform like the brains of your marketing operation. It performs three key functions that enable personalized marketing at scale: identifies your customers, extracts meaning from your data, and recommends actions that benefit your brand


OptCulture gives retailers buying and behavioral insight about their customers with the ability to engage them through loyalty programs, promotions and multi-channel marketing campaigns. Features include, Multi-Channel Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Web, Database Management, Customer Experience, Loyalty Management, E Receipts, and Campaign Management for Retailers


Givex offers omnichannel POS, gift card, loyalty and stored value ticketing solutions which drive sales for our clients, help them better understand, reward and entice their customers and ultimately make better-informed business decisions.

Textmunication's White Label

Offering the world a cloud communication service that enables you to connect with your mobile audience using the most popular form of communication today, the text message. Textmunication's White Label gets you your brand identity. All of our solutions and integrations have a competence like no other
Gift cards are cards that have a certain value associated with them that can be used to purchase goods and services in your company's stores.

Gift Cards can come with a predefined valued (pre-paid) or be assigned a value when the card is sold (stored value).

Gift Cards work slightly differently depending on whether you are using prepaid or stored value gift cards; however, the basic process is that when a customer uses a gift card to buy something (redeeming), the cashier/associate swipes the card just like a credit card; the system reads the information and enters it on the receipt.

MX Data can assist your business with finding the best Gift Card Solution!

I would recommend M.X. Data to any retail company that is looking to compete in today’s ever changing retail environment. They can implement a solution from your customer facing POS terminals to the technology driven E-commerce side of the retail business. If you would like to reach out for more details please feel free to contact me directly.


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