ERP Integration

What is an ERP Integration?

ERP Integration is the method by which a business connects its ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software with other applications. The objective is to share data across systems to improve productivity and insights and create a single source of truth.

What is an ERP System?

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology. ERP is usually referred to as a category of business management software—typically a suite of integrated applications—that an organization can use to collect, store, manage, and interpret data from many business activities. ERP Systems can be local based or Cloud-based. Cloud-based applications have grown in recent years due to information being readily available from any location with internet access.
Improved Decision-Making 
Eliminates Manual Entry 
Reduced Employee Training 
Easy to Add New Integrations 
Integrated Retail Point Of Sale (POS) Systems

Why is ERP Integration Important?

The aim of an ERP system is to create a single source of truth for an organization. The benefits of achieving this are huge, including real-time reporting, increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and improved business insights. However, an ERP system cannot do this effectively without data – and integrations are how that data gets into the system.

Improved Decision-Making

ERP integration allows businesses to access real-time data from across their systems in one central location.
Point Of Sale System

Eliminates Manual Entry 

Manual data entry is not only a huge drain on resources but also a source of many errors. Instead, businesses use ERP integration to move data around automatically and efficiently.

Reduced Employee Training

Most employees will only need to access data through the ERP system. This significantly reduces the number of software systems that the average employee needs to be trained on.
PortalMX Integrated Retail Solution

Easy to Add New Integrations

MX Data’s PortalMX can connect your ERP system to any other 3rd party system to increase your companies efficiency.

Without ERP integrations, businesses have two choices: 

They can either leave data sitting in silos, with all the problems that entails (no visibility, poor productivity, no single source of truth), or they can rely on moving data manually. 

Manual entry leads to errors, reduced collaboration, and the inability to access real-time data.

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