POS Hardware

When choosing your POS hardware, let MX Data provide your business with the most up-to-date technical features and functions of the most popular brands!

All In One POS

An all-in-one POS is the industry's answer to the problems of past systems. These combine terminal and touchscreen POS hardware and software all into one simple package for simplicity and performance. These systems are perfect alternatives to traditional cash registers and credit card readers

Mobile POS 

With a mobile POS system, everything moves faster. Orders come out faster and transactions get processed quicker. mPOS or Mobile POS is the future of turning your inventory quicker. It allows your staff to engage and work with customers on the sales floor. It also gives you the opportunity to line bust! At the busiest time of year, it allows your customer to reduce waiting in line and allows you to process sales faster!

Introducing Wireless Peripherals

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PortalMX Integrated Retail Solution

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