What is a mPOS system?

A mobile POS, or mPOS, is a Point-Of-Sale System that uses a smartphone, tablet or wireless device to act as a register and accept payments on the go. A mobile POS accepts credit cards and contactless payments.
Credit and debit cards with an EMV chip or magnetic stripe
Contactless credit cards
Digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which use near-field communication (NFC) technology to facilitate contactless payments
Samsung Pay, which uses magnetic secure transmission (MST) technology to facilitate contactless payments
QR codes (allowing a customer to scan a QR code to make payment or use a discount)
What sets a mobile POS apart from a stationary POS system is the portability of the hardware. POS systems usually have a terminal, cash drawer and receipt printer. The hardware has a fixed location within the restaurant or store. With an mPOS, the terminal is portable. You can take it with you to a trade show or multiple other locations.
Both mPOS and POS systems use software that provide the ability to process payments, track inventory and run reports.

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