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Streamline Business Operations with Retail Pro Point of Sale Software

In an era of multi-channel retailing, boundaries between sales channels (e.g. brick and mortar stores, online shops, and mobile platforms) are disappearing. You need to adopt a multi-channel retail solution to thrive in an increasingly complex landscape, and M.X. Data has the perfect solution for you— the Retail Pro Point of Sale Software.

Retail Pro Prism Integrated POS Solution

Prism is the next-generation Retail Pro Point of Sale Software. It is equipped with the latest technologies driving the digital transformation in retail. This comprehensive integrated POS system is designed to simplify operations, enabling you to focus on what matters most – enhancing customer engagement.
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Integrated Retail Point Of Sale (POS) Systems

Retail Pro Prism Key Features and Advantages

Prism is a fully customizable integrated POS system and retail management software specifically designed for the retail industry. Whether you run a business as a franchise, an outlet, or a corporate store, you can tailor Prism to fit your sectors’ needs and achieve your business goals.
Share real-time up-to-date data across multiple channels and systems
Keep shelves fully stocked by automating inventory transfers between stores
Increase transaction efficiency by tailoring your user interface to your checkout workflow
Gain access to every Retail Pro feature from your office desktop, POS, and mobile devices
Use open APIs to connect third-party solutions, including CRM, ERP, accounting, and more
Powerful reporting tool included to analyze your business however you want
Central Management
Retail Pro eCommerce Integration
Customizable Retail Interface
Mobile Access

Retail Pro Prism International

Retail Pro is a global POS system offered in over 80 countries and translated into 18 languages. It’s a sophisticated yet easy-to-use program designed to support every retailer’s needs.
I would recommend M.X. Data to any retail company that is looking to compete in today’s ever changing retail environment. They can implement a solution from your customer facing POS terminals to the technology driven E-commerce side of the retail business. If you would like to reach out for more details please feel free to contact me directly.


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Retail Pro Support

As a global provider of Retail Pro and trusted advisor to hundreds of retailers across the globe, MX Data is your go-to Retail IT Consulting Firm when it comes to dedicated Retail Pro support. MX Data will assist you and your team to implement Retail Pro. MX Data can also assist with eCommerce integration which will improve your eCommerce web order management and fulfillment and a solid foundation for future success. 
Dedicated Retail Pro point of sale software support
Dedicated onsite technical support services
Support for multiple point of sale softwares and solutions
Help optimizing your software solutions to increase productivity and efficiency
Ongoing retail IT consulting services
Retail Pro eCommerce integration
Integrated POS and eCommerce
eCommerce order fulfillment setup

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