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Retail Integration Problems Solved

M.X. Data provides a wide range of solutions to optimize your retail operations.

Introducing: PortalMX Retail Integration Platform

Bridging The Gaps Between Disparate Systems

PortalMX is our retail integration platform, offering superior stability, scalability and functionality when compared to any standalone application. It was specifically developed to bridge the gap between any two fixed systems to make it easier for you to manage all of your data. As opposed to the traditional approach where you need to develop one interface application per pair of systems that need to talk to each other, our platform acts as a hub which allows you to connect disparate systems together.


Easily manage your data in one place


Bridge the gaps between disparate systems


Automatically receive access to new connectors


We handle support and maintenance

Ready to eliminate manual errors while cutting your fulfillment time cycle and employee cost by 60% to 80%?

"Without M.X. Data’s solution, we would spend too much wasted time going through all the individual steps needed to successfully run an E-commerce business."


Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
Miltons – The Store for Men
"I would recommend M.X. Data to any retailer who needs a dedicated team with retail IT experience to assist with their current systems or to implement new ones."


Retail Applications Manager for a Global Brands Group

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