April 13, 2017  |  Jaida@mxdata.com

Is your payment solution leaving you liable?

 Retail Pro MX Data

Processing is a huge part of payments – but there’s so much more to it than that. And with today’s stringent PCI regulations and the constant risk of chargebacks, you need a solution that can keep up.

That’s why contrary to popular belief, the cost of the right payment solution is nothing compared to the risk of sticking with the wrong one.

As Retail Pro’s official payments partner, Cayan® has built payment solutions that go beyond simply taking payments to reduce chargeback
liability, cut costs and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

When you sign up with Cayan, you can:

· Rest easy knowing your customers’ data
is secure and your risk is reduced

· Accept payments wherever your customers
shop – online, at the counter, or even in aisle

· Process all payment types including
chip cards, mobile payments, gift, credit and debit

· Turn your casual shoppers into frequent
customers with a robust gift and loyalty program

And that’s just the beginning. Get a free rate review today to find out how a combined Retail Pro and Cayan solution can not only save you money, but truly enhance your business.


Software Assurance or out-of-date software? We can help. Find out how
easy and affordable it is to update.

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M.X. Data Looks Forward To Being Your Trusted Retail Consultant!
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