Retail Pro Decisions
Your ability to maximize profit in today’s algorithm-driven, ultra-competitive retail marketplace hinges on your ability to measure, analyze, and act on performance data for every inventory item, resource, and channel.

Retail Pro Decisions

Takes you from observation to action faster than any other tool on the market.

Benchmark stores and salespeople
Know which products sell more in each store
Get alerts and notifications for any deviation
Dashboards and analysis delivered via email
Sync with vendors
Retail Pro Decisions, you can solve many of the business challenges you experience every day. BENCHMARKING Benchmark location performance to determine where to focus your efforts DISCOUNTS Optimize markdown timing and amount to maximize profit and inventory turn PREDICTIONS Use seasonal buying patterns to predict and act on growth opportunities


Your business is rich with data, and you can use it to support every facet of your business, from sales to marketing to HR and back again. Everything comes down to which questions are asked, and every department in your business will have different questions they want answered in order to perform better. With Retail Pro Decisions, there’s no reason to limit your decision-making - ask away and get immediate answers!


Are our prices consistent across all locations? Should they be?
Are there other suppliers that can get us our products cheaper, thereby increasing our margins?
How are my locations doing with cash on hand? Are they roughly even across all locations, or are some locations running low regularly? Why?


Are salespeople hitting targets for particular product lines?
Are discounts making a significant enough difference in buying patterns to be worth it?
Are there particular products that only sell to particular buyer types?
PortalMX Integrated Retail Solution


Has a change in locations’ layouts affected the way customers receive products?
Have recent marketing efforts affected web or foot traffic?
Are product affinity strategies performing differently across locations?

Supply Chain Management

Are your distributors meeting their delivery deadlines?
Do your vendors and distributors complicate or make impossible your online order fulfillment process?
How long does your inventory hang around the store room?
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Human Resources

Is each employee generating enough revenue to justify their salary?
Need to make sure nobody is taking time off you can’t afford to lose?
Curious to see when your locations are the busiest?

Dig Into Complex Data 

Create complex expressions showing data across the areas of your business.
Slice,dice, and sort data independent of original data layout with pivot functionality
simple and advanced modes to provide the level of complexity needed to analyze the right data

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