RIOT Mobile - Mobile Store Inventory Management

Available as native Android or iOS app, used with handheld RFID scanner such as Zebra RFD2000. Features everything on the mobile needed for inventory taking for salesfloor and backroom, salesfloor replenishment (refill), Geiger product locator, inventory reservation management (laybuy, holds, display, etc.), RFID scan encode, and RFID EPC tag voiding. RIOT Mobile connects via WiFi to RIOT Gateway or directly to the RIOT Cloud via WiFi or cellular data internet connection.

RIOT Encode - Instore EPC TAG Encoding & Activation

No EPC tagging at source? No Problem. RIOT Encode is our standalone RFID EPC tag activation & printing application used to create RFID enabled tags within the store. Stores can easily print tags at time of receipt, return or exchange, or on demand. Tag design incorporates an RF inlay with EPC, as well as traditional barcode, and 2D barcode (QR code) representations of the EPC data, for key uses such as POS scanning and more. Encode easily supports various tag formats, design templates and sizes to meet retailer & product needs.

RIOT Portal - Where it all comes together.

A robust, real-time enterprise repository of RFID empowered store stock data wrapped with native RESTful APIs to enable inter-connectivity with external applications. Directed at this powerful stock repository is RIOT, a web-browser based portal application providing real-time visualisation of store stock taking and scan information, variance configuration & auditing, count confirmation & tolerance enforcement, escalation, and adjustment submission. Replenishment refill List (NOSBOS), rich analytics, reporting & KPI widgets, and administration capabilities further enable the retailer to understand their retail stock operations.

RIOT Connect - Let’s automate it.

RIOT Connect is our robust SDK for real-time connection to any legacy system retailer may be using, such as POS, merchandising, ERP, OMS and more. One such integration is to the current retail POS, is critical in ensuring inventory accuracy and store operational efficiencies, as it allows the capture and recording of EPCs for all standard POS transaction types: sales/returns, exchanges, transfers and adjustments, laybuy (layaways) and update RIoT in real-time without manually duplicating efforts.

RIOT Gateway - Not ready for the cloud?

Whether you are not ready yet for the cloud, or looking for the benefits of continuous inventory reading provided via overhead sensor technology, RIOT can tailor a deployment model to meet your needs! The RIOT Gateway continuously aggregates data events from Intel® RFID Sensor Platform readers, as well as optionally from RIOT Connect, RIOT Mobile & RIOT Encode and streams this data to the RIOT Insight Cloud.
MX Data's retail solutions are powerful, drastically reducing inaccuracies in data around revenue. Accurate revenue data is paramount, as it impacts the way business owners and accountants make important decisions. Leave the data flow to automated processes, which will guarantee data sharpness, and free you to focus on what you do best: selling.
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