FoundryLogic Mobile POS Features

FoundryLogic maintains a strong focus on the Retail industry. Retail Mobile Suite, the middleware platform and “family” of mobile apps for retailers, is always evolving.

 Retail Mobile POS app is certified for use with major payment providers and provides Retailers the ability to use mPOS. Retailers can check-out customers on the sales floor, answer customer questions, view your product catalog, and provide personal service — all with a Mobile POS app that’s fully integrated with Retail Pro
Lookup items by barcode or description
Manual, Price Level, and Customer Discounts
Accept cash and credit cards
Capture digital signatures
Email or print sales receipts
Retail Mobile Inventory app is used by Retail Pro merchants around the world to alleviate the manual Physical Inventory process.
Capture inventory transactions with a handheld scanner.
Work on or offline.
Search and display inventory item information.
Import scans into any Retail Pro Ⓡ 8 or 9 Inventory transaction.
Physical Inventory

Physical Inventory supports both open and blind counting methods. Multiple Physical Inventory sessions can be saved at the same time on the mobile device. Sessions may be synchronized to Retail Pro as desired.

Receiving & Transfers

Receiving and Transfers don’t get any easier. With a few scans, received items can be loaded on the mobile device at the receiving station and then imported into Retail Pro.
Similar to Physical Inventory, multiple Receiving and Transfer sessions can be saved on the mobile device and then synchronized to the main system when you are ready. Every session is time-stamped so that entries are fully auditable.

Inventory Checking & Label Printing

Check inventory status and validate labels. With one scan of an SKU, UPC, or ALU, an item’s status is retrieved and displayed on the screen. With Windows Mobile devices, you can also Print labels to mobile Bluetooth printers.

FoundryLogic is a Retail Pro Development Partner.
Accounting integrations are powerful, drastically reducing inaccuracies in data around revenue. Accurate revenue data is paramount, as it impacts the way business owners and accountants make important decisions. Leave the data flow to automated processes, which will guarantee data sharpness, and free you to focus on what you do best: selling.
I would recommend M.X. Data to any retail company that is looking to compete in today’s ever changing retail environment. They can implement a solution from your customer facing POS terminals to the technology driven E-commerce side of the retail business. If you would like to reach out for more details please feel free to contact me directly.


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