Retail Project Services
We pride ourselves on our creative processes, which always start with an honest and transparent collaboration with our clients and goes on even after the completion of their projects. Below are a few concrete examples of projects where we have recently offered our retail technology consulting services.

New Store Openings

M.X. Data helped a retailer headquartered in Tokyo, Japan deploy its first networks of stores on Retail Pro in the USA and France. Much like every project we take on, we did our best to meet the requirements of our clients without compromising the quality of the retail solutions and making sure that it was well localized for our client’s new retail territories.

Our retail technology consulting also involved training end-users before launching the system at each location. Following its deployment, we help retailers monitor store activity. We assist with go-live sales. We also provide L1 and L2 technical support at each store.

MX Data Solutions & Actions:

Audited business processes
Identified system requirements
Submitted a solution statement
Created a project plan
Procured all stores and and back-office retail equipment
Ran meetings with key stakeholders
Installed, configured, and tested the solutions
Trained the store staff
Provided assistance at Go-Live
On-Going Store support

mobile POS Deployment

One of our clients hired us to design and deploy a mobile POS platform that would seamlessly integrate with Retail Pro. M.X. Data swiftly went to work and within a few weeks came up with the proper hardware and software solution, demoed it before deploying it successfully in the client stores.

Here's how we help

Identified mobile business requirements
Determined and procured appropriate hardware and software
Installed, configured, and tested the Mobile POS
Trained store agents to perform Sales and Stock transactions

Omnichannel Integration

A retailer asked us to integrate critical business channels that run on different systems. Through its PortalMX platform, M.X. Data offered a first class omnichannel integration solution that connected all customer touchpoints, enabling the retailer to attain customer satisfaction and improve its staff experience, while minimizing drastically human intervention and error.

Here's how we help

Identified cross-channel requirements and different integration methods
Performed record mapping
Identified and tested case scenarios
Tailored PortalMX to clients’ workflow and preferences

ERP Integration

Through retail technology consulting, M.X. Data helped a retailer integrate their Retail Pro 9 with their SAP B1 to exchange products, sales, receiving, transfers, and adjustments between the systems.

Here's how we help

Coordinated with the retailer and their SAP integrator to implement the mission-critical interface
Installed and tested the solution
Trained and provided support to the retailer’s team
M.X. Data Looks Forward To Being Your Trusted Retail Consultant!
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M.X. Data Looks Forward To Being Your Trusted Retail Consultant!
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