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Use our FREE CALCULATOR to see how PortalMX, our Retail Integration Platform could help you eliminate manual errors while cutting your order fulfillment time cycle and employee cost by 60% to 80%
We needed a system that would constantly update our current inventory to our website and then complete the process of fulfillment and shipping to our customers. M.X. Data developed the PortalMX and ShipMX solutions that helps solve this problem for us. These solutions allow us to compete with some of our largest competitors, like Macy’s and Men’s Warehouse. The solutions are seamless and transparent to our customers, who only care that their items are available to order, fulfilled, and shipped to them in a timely manner. PortalMX accomplishes this for Miltons. Without M.X. Data’s solution, we would spend too much wasted time going through all the individual steps needed to successfully run an E-commerce business."
Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
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