POS Hardware
When choosing your POS hardware, let MX Data provide your business with the most up-to-date technical features and functions of the most popular brands!
All-In-One POS
The All-In-One POS is the industry's most modern, up to date POS System that provides a streamlined and efficient experience. This type of system combines terminal and touchscreen hardware and software into one convenient package for simplicity and performance. If you have been struggling with outdated cash registers, this system will allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of modern technology without the hassle of dealing with multiple components.
Mobile POS
mPOS is the future of retail because it allows retailers to ring sales quicker, turn inventory faster, improve receiving process, fulfill web orders efficiently, etc. mPOS allow staff to interact with customers on the sales floor and line bust during peak times!
Hardware Peripherals
M.X. Data sells a wide range of hardware peripherals for POS. we provide the latest technology offerings including wireless and WIFI functionality.
Hardware Accessories and Add-Ons
M.X. Data provides a full suite of all hardware accessories to meet their requirements of retailers.

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