Bridging the Gaps Between Disparate Systems

M.X. Data developed PortalMX, a retail integration platform, to solve a rather pressing problem in the retail industry: Disparate systems. With PortalMX, you can simplify retail operations, and focus on what matters most - growing your business.

The Benefits of PortalMX

PortalMX comes with a wide range of solutions to optimize your operations. It can be integrated with your Point of Sale system, accounting software, distribution centers, and warehouses and eliminate manual errors while cutting your fulfillment time cycle and employee cost by 60% to 80%


Seamlessly integrates critical business channels and systems, allowing retailers to streamline their operations.


Empowers retailers to manage inventory, resources, and finances across systems with relevant and up-to-date information shared between the disparate systems.


Tracks, audits, and guarantees a minimum of 98% data delivery accuracy.

PortalMX Features

Below are some of the many features of PortalMX, designed to optimize your operations and grow your business. Ready to get started? Schedule a demo with us today and start integrating crucial business systems using PortalMX.


Fulfill more orders online with an integrated POS and eCommerce solution. Connecting these systems ensures that all online channels are kept up to date with the latest inventory data from your POS system. As a result, you can eliminate orders for out-of-stock items, improve profit margins, and boost customer satisfaction.
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By integrating your POS and accounting software, you can eliminate redundant data entries and billing errors. PortalMX provides an all-inclusive system that updates inventory, vendor and customer information, and account balances. It helps you improve the performance of business operations, eliminate frustrations, and save so much time.
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Boost online revenue by integrating your online store with your CRM and eliminate the need for manual entry. Avoid inaccuracies and inefficiencies that hurt business operations. Get an accurate view of inventory, latest pricing information, and product data in real time. Now it's easier than ever to deal with order cancellations and modifications.
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Connecting multiple online stores to an ERP system lets you expand your target market to various geographical locations. The integration makes it easier for you to manage and market multiple product lines and brands effectively as it lets you set up pricing per currency. This way, customers can view available products and compare their prices in their local currency.
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See How PortalMX Can Help You!

Make complicated data transfer processes more manageable, accessible, and efficient with PortalMX. 
Take the next step towards retail integration success today by requesting a free demo.
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