“I selected M.X. Data as my business partner after meeting with multiple business partners, M.X. Data’s expertise in retail and knowledge of current technologies stood out far past the competition.

M.X. Data has helped me in many ways, from standard support services, to implementing middleware that helped us connect our various disparate systems. After implementing their middleware the team was able to gain insight across all of our direct-to-consumer channels which proved to be invaluable.

One thing I especially like was their dedication to the project, they always made an effort to keep us up to date with our project status, which made us feel like we were their priority and not just another project.

I would recommend M.X. Data to any retailer who needs a dedicated team with retail IT experience to assist with their current systems or to implement new ones. “


Retail Applications Manager for a Global Brands Group
"Miltons has been partnered with M.X. Data for nearly 14 years. We found M.X. Data when we were looking to replace our POS and complete merchandising software system. We initially chose M.X. Data because they were completely committed to the Retail Pro software system. Other companies we interviewed played one software system off another and, unlike M.X. Data, were not committed to one solution. M.X. Data was there every step of the way in helping Miltons implement a successful transition to the Retail Pro total software solution, and with our centralized Retail Pro environment, updating and upgrading our Retail Pro software is easily accomplished.

As our retail operation evolved over the years, we again reached out to M.X. Data to help develop a complete E-commerce/Retail Pro integration solution. Many small companies think you just open an E-commerce website and that’s it. This was certainly not the case with Miltons. We needed a system that would constantly update our current inventory to our website and then complete the process of fulfillment and shipping to our customers. M.X. Data developed the PortalMX and ShipMX solutions that helps solve this problem for us. These solutions allow us to compete with some of our largest competitors, like Macy’s and Men’s Warehouse. The solutions are seamless and transparent to our customers, who only care that their items are available to order, fulfilled, and shipped to them in a timely manner. PortalMX accomplishes this for Miltons. Without M.X. Data’s solution, we would spend too much wasted time going through all the individual steps needed to successfully run an E-commerce business.

Each time we have implemented a new solution for our business, M.X. Data takes the time to carefully plan out and accurately assess what is needed to accomplish the project. They follow through each step of the way and update tasks as needed. Issues sometimes occur during any project implementation, and I have always been impressed with how M.X. Data evaluates these issues and carefully arrives at the best solutions.

Through the years, I have found M.X. Data to be a true partner in our business. Miltons is in the retail business, not the technology business. I have dealt with other technology companies that are only interested in billing hours to solve a problem, whether it is solved or not. M.X. Data has found the perfect balance of billing hours and knowing when we need to act a partner to solve a problem.

I would recommend M.X. Data to any retail company that is looking to compete in today’s ever changing retail environment. They can implement a solution from your customer facing POS terminals to the technology driven E-commerce side of the retail business. If you would like to reach out for more details please feel free to contact me directly."

bill lEVA

Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
Miltons – The Store for Men

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