David Richards

Information Technology Director
“I’ll make this short. I just want to say I truly enjoy working with M.X. Data. MXD is always willing to help resolve whatever problem arises and in a timely manner. This is unlike other companies I’ve worked with that sell you their products, but then you never hear from them again. I recommend M.X. Data for your retail technology needs!”

Isaac Metlitsky

J. Press
"M.X. Data is a great partner for all of our RetailPro needs. They’re professional
and helpful, regardless of the client’s comfort level. We have used them for support
for many years as well as building out the integration with our e-commerce site.

I thank them for helping us to improve our processes and grow our business."

benji gault

"The entire team at MX Data is one of the most professional and responsive groups I have had the pleasure of working with. Their attention to detail when it comes to partner and business needs is unmatched making them easy to work with and confident that goals will be met. Staying in the know with the latest technology and strategies in the market is also one of the reasons I enjoy working with the team at MX Data. Can not say enough good things about this company and the employees that make it great!"

Emily Socolov

Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships
"Our collaboration with M.X. Data has enhanced our ability to cater to the needs of retail brands. By integrating our solutions within the Retail Pro ecosystem, we've streamlined processes and amplified value for our clients. Beyond technical integration, our partnership extends to cohesive go-to-market strategies, ensuring a unified approach in delivering exceptional results. With M.X. Data as our trusted partner, we're poised to continue driving innovation and exceeding expectations in the retail industry."


Chuck & Don's Pet Food & Supplies
“I selected M.X. Data as my business partner because of their knowledge of our systems and willingness to find solutions to any questions or issues we had. They helped us integrate our website with our inventory and POS system so that we could improve our customers’ digital experience, whether customers want to check inventory to shop in store or online. They are clear in their processes, thorough in their work, and quick to respond to requests/questions. I would highly recommend them to any retailer in a similar situation. “


Independent Pet Partners
“MX Data has been great with helping us integrate Retail Pro into an EDI solution, that met our needs for order placement and fulfillment, and continuous support after launch. The partnership allowed Chuck & Don’s to grow our replenishment needs and streamline our processes.”


Retail Applications Manager for Global Brands Group
“I selected M.X. Data as my business partner after meeting with multiple business partners, M.X. Data’s expertise in retail and knowledge of current technologies stood out far past the competition.

M.X. Data has helped me in many ways, from standard support services, to implementing middleware that helped us connect our various disparate systems. After implementing their middleware the team was able to gain insight across all of our direct-to-consumer channels which proved to be invaluable.

One thing I especially like was their dedication to the project, they always made an effort to keep us up to date with our project status, which made us feel like we were their priority and not just another project.

I would recommend M.X. Data to any retailer who needs a dedicated team with retail IT experience to assist with their current systems or to implement new ones. “

Tiago Tregansin

Grendene USA, Inc.
“I selected M.X. Data as my business partner because I was looking for assistance with consolidating my eCommerce transactions with my brick and mortar system for a single view to my direct-to-consumer sales.

They helped me by analyzing and working to automate processes we were performing manually. The result was automating the linking of my products and web sales that provided a way for me to report centrally on my store and web businesses.

What I especially like is their speed, expertise, and professionalism in providing us with the solutions for our problems. I would recommend M.X. Data to any retailer who needs fast and reliable service when facing system challenges or limitations.”

Matt Glaize

U.S. Channel Manager
"We recently collaborated with Megan and Jaida at MX Data for an online webinar. They communicated to us throughout the entire process, and made sure we always knew the next steps, and what was expected of us. Through several preparation emails and calls, we were able to develop an effective presentation of our Tupyx software solution, and share it with a community of prospects. They did a fantastic job of promoting the webinar, our staff, and our solution before and after the webinar. We were extremely happy with the results, and hope it leads to future sales. We would like to thank Megan and Jaida again for this opportunity, and for allowing us to present our information to their online audience. They were a pleasure to work with, and we look forward to doing this again in the future!"


Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
Miltons – The Store for Men
"Miltons has been partnered with M.X. Data for nearly 14 years. We found M.X. Data when we were looking to replace our POS and complete merchandising software system. We initially chose M.X. Data because they were completely committed to the Retail Pro software system. Other companies we interviewed played one software system off another and, unlike M.X. Data, were not committed to one solution. M.X. Data was there every step of the way in helping Miltons implement a successful transition to the Retail Pro total software solution, and with our centralized Retail Pro environment, updating and upgrading our Retail Pro software is easily accomplished.

As our retail operation evolved over the years, we again reached out to M.X. Data to help develop a complete E-commerce/Retail Pro integration solution. Many small companies think you just open an E-commerce website and that’s it. This was certainly not the case with Miltons. We needed a system that would constantly update our current inventory to our website and then complete the process of fulfillment and shipping to our customers. M.X. Data developed the PortalMX and ShipMX solutions that helps solve this problem for us. These solutions allow us to compete with some of our largest competitors, like Macy’s and Men’s Warehouse. The solutions are seamless and transparent to our customers, who only care that their items are available to order, fulfilled, and shipped to them in a timely manner. PortalMX accomplishes this for Miltons. Without M.X. Data’s solution, we would spend too much wasted time going through all the individual steps needed to successfully run an E-commerce business.

Each time we have implemented a new solution for our business, M.X. Data takes the time to carefully plan out and accurately assess what is needed to accomplish the project. They follow through each step of the way and update tasks as needed. Issues sometimes occur during any project implementation, and I have always been impressed with how M.X. Data evaluates these issues and carefully arrives at the best solutions.

Through the years, I have found M.X. Data to be a true partner in our business. Miltons is in the retail business, not the technology business. I have dealt with other technology companies that are only interested in billing hours to solve a problem, whether it is solved or not. M.X. Data has found the perfect balance of billing hours and knowing when we need to act a partner to solve a problem.

I would recommend M.X. Data to any retail company that is looking to compete in today’s ever changing retail environment. They can implement a solution from your customer facing POS terminals to the technology driven E-commerce side of the retail business. If you would like to reach out for more details please feel free to contact me directly."
M.X. Data Looks Forward To Being Your Trusted Retail Consultant!
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M.X. Data Looks Forward To Being Your Trusted Retail Consultant!
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