September 19, 2014  |

Retail Pro and MX Data announce the General Availability Release of Prism

Today retail Pro and MX Data are happy to announce the general availability release for Retail Pro’s highly anticipated retail software platform, Retail Pro Prism. With the release of Prism, we look to enable our current and future customers with a retail management solution that offers a more mature approach to bridging the cross-platform divide currently faced by retailers across almost every sector. Competitive advantage in today’s retail marketplace is being determined more and more by a retailer’s capacity for richer, faster, and more informed engagement with today's savvier technology-enabled shopper, placing retail management solutions providing superior cross-platform functionality at a premium.

According to Retail Pro: “Delivering peak experiences for shoppers in retail environments requires retail solutions with cross-platform and real-time communication capabilities. While new technologies capable of delivering these types of experiences continue to surface, many retailers are still at a strategic planning stage. With its added emphasis on versatility, Retail Pro Prism offers retailers a solution capable of meeting today's rigorous retail technology demands while permitting retailers the freedom to evolve and mature their cross-platform strategy into the future.

Early reports from the field show that Retail Pro Prism is poised to fulfill the demand of specialty retailers to address a steady and emergent industry-wide transition to omni-channel retail. Beyond its cross-platform capabilities, Prism’s features reflect Retail Pro International’s long-time commitment to superior retail flexibility. As a Mobile 2.0 solution, Prism's cross-platform promise is highlighted by its full-featured functionality across platforms, addressing a common frustration of retailers working to successfully integrate mobile to their store systems. These capabilities, coupled with a completely customizable user interface, allow retailers to modify Prism to fit any desired workflow or brand requirements. We also anticipate that retailers will take advantage of Prism's modular design, allowing them to license only the modules needed for a particular installation, while leveraging the platform’s extensibility to meet unique needs using its robust API.”

Please contact MX data for additional information on Retail Pro Prism.

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