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Troubleshooting Cayan CED Error



Retail Pro
Received Error: This version of the CED is newer than the last known version

If you are using a version of the Cayan CED software that has not been approved by Retail Pro, you may see the above error appear before every credit card transaction on your CED device. The message aims to inform users that the detected CED version has not been fully tested and approved by Retail Pro, and therefore may or may not display unexpected behavior.

The user will still be able to run credit card transactions, but the prompt will pop up before each transaction, which is undesirable.

What to Do

If you need to continue using a version of CED that is not yet tested and approved by Retail Pro, you can prevent these error messages with the following steps.

1: Locate the EFT_service.ini file.

Go to the drive where Retail Pro 9 is installed (often the C: drive)

Find the EFT_service.ini file in this location:

RetailPro9 \ Workstations \ Machine_or_Workstation_name \ Plugins \ EFT_Service.ini
Open the file using Notepad

2: Edit the EFT_Service.ini file

Add the following to the bottom of the EFT_Service.ini file:


3: Replace Version

Replace "" with your CED version.

How to determine your CED version:

4: Exit and Restart Retail Pro

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