Powerful Add-Ons for pOS and retail integration platforms

M.X. Data provides a wide range of add-ons, all of which designed to optimize operations and run a profitable retail business. We integrate with some of the best productivity applications to help you move your business forward.

Payment Gateway and Acquiring 

M.X. Data has teamed up with Cayan, one of the world’s fastest-growing payment companies, to deliver a powerful payment system tailored for the retail industry. The Genius™ Customer Engagement Platform™ is an industry-first solution that supports multiple payment processes from a single countertop-based customer engagement device.
Offer branded gift cards
Accept cash, credit and debit cards, mobile and contactless payments (e.g., Apple Pay, Google Pay) to boost revenue
Protect customer and business data with Genius™, a platform that goes beyond PCI compliance requirements
Enhance customer service with fast and secure payment processing
Save money in the long term with the low total cost of ownership of Genius™
Choose between our world-class Acquiring services and our Payment Gateway Services

Retail Pro Link 
for SAP Business One

Gain full control of your business by merging a robust all-in-one retail management platform with powerful Point of Sale and store management software. With MX Data, you can get all of that through Retail Pro® and SAP Business One®.
Streamline your business operations by integrating crucial retail processes into a single system
Keep track of critical business information through automatic alerts, workflows, and real-time reporting and analytics
Tailor its features to meet your business’ specific requirements
Track and manage inventories from multiple locations or warehouses from a central module
Lower tech costs over time

AI-Driven Personalized Marketing and Customer Retention Platform

Integrate AppCard with your Retail Pro POS software to create personalized multi-channel marketing offers for your outreach programs. Send them directly to customers to improve customer retention.
Leverage AI and Machine Learning technologies to understand customer behavior
Capture 100% of item-level shopper history from Retail Pro
Increase the effectiveness of your outreach programs with targeted offers based on shopper purchase history
Automatically deliver targeted marketing messages through SMS, email, and push notifications
Get in touch with customers using their preferred touchpoint
Track product sales and performance for each channel in your entire business from your cloud-based dashboard

Decision Suite

M.X. Data has built a strong partnership with one of the leading providers of intelligent retail reporting. We can help you gain real-time insights to empower you to make smarter decisions that will keep your business moving in the right direction.
For Business Users
Leverage self-service data discovery tools with alerts, natural language search, data mashup, and user-driven scheduling, and access actionable insights on any data anytime and anywhere.
For IT Professionals
Manage and govern your most strategic asset – data. Establish a robust data governance program for your centralized and de-centralized Business Intelligence strategies.
For Executives & Managers
Keep a close eye on your retail channels and systems through dashboard alerts and reports on your most important KPIs. Gain deeper insights into your business performance to move the business forward in the most strategic way.
For Retail Pro Customers
RP Decisions is a full Targit Decision Suite that’s tailored for Retail Pro. With this system, you can extract relevant data from important business systems, customize and automate all reports, and schedule recurring reports and email updates

Retail Pro Reporting

Maximize the value of your Retail Pro POS system with operational reporting. Gain actionable insights into your business to drive profitable growth.
Create reports easier and faster using comprehensive predefined templates
Gain secure access to crucial business data
Access reports from any device
Choose from simple to advanced modes to determine the level of complexity needed to analyze your data
Use data visualization to summarize results, performance, and trends
Schedule reports reminding key people on your team

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